What is Royalty Guru?

Royalty Guru is an analytics tool that analyzes your performing rights income from SOCAN. Once you’ve created your Royalty Guru account, the program automatically logs in to your SOCAN account with your SOCAN User ID and Password, and retrieves all of the data you need to do an in depth analysis.


How much does it cost to use Royalty Guru?

There is no cost for SOCAN members to use Royalty Guru.  The only requirement to use Royalty Guru is that you are a SOCAN member, have an existing SOCAN User ID, Password, and online statement access, and that you’ve received SOCAN royalties.


How do I create a Royalty Guru account?

From the main screen, enter all of the required information including your name and email address.  You will also create a Password to log in to Royalty Guru.  The Analysis Name is the name you give to your report to identify it so that you may save it rather than re-creating your report each time you log in. You also have the ability to create and save multiple reports.  Once you’ve filled in the mandatory fields and agree to the Data Hosting and Terms and Conditions, you will be asked for your SOCAN User ID and Password.  This will log in to your SOCAN account to confirm that the connection completes successfully.  If you have multiple SOCAN accounts as part of your login, you will see them listed.  Hold down Ctrl (PC) or Command (MAC) if you would like to select multiple accounts to analyze.  There is no limit to the number of accounts you can add to analyze.  Then, you select Submit to run your report.  You will receive an email when your report is ready.


How do I view my Royalty Guru report(s)?

Once you have received an email stating that your report is ready, you can log in to view your Royalty Guru report.  Your Login is the email and password you provided when you created your Royalty Guru account.  Once you’ve logged in, you will see your user Dashboard.  From there, you can view your Analysis report(s) by selecting the Graph bars under “View Analysis”. 


How do I create a new analysis report?

After you’ve logged in to your Royalty Guru account, your user Dashboard will appear showing all of the reports you’ve run.  To run a new report, select “New Analysis” from the menu at the top of the page.  It will have saved your profile data, so you will just need to name this new analysis.


How do I update my user profile on Royalty Guru?

Once you’ve logged in to your account and you are on your Dashboard page, you can update your email address and/or password by clicking on your name, located in the top right corner.  Please note that this will update your Royalty Guru information only, and will not update the email address you have on file at SOCAN, or your SOCAN User ID and password.  Please contact SOCAN if you would like to update your email address, or change your SOCAN User ID and/or password for your SOCAN account.


What is the Royalty Dashboard?

The Royalty Dashboard is a quick glance at your royalty analysis that you can sort by earning quarter(s) using the period filter. Your Royalty Dashboard will also display a graph of your royalties, and will display a snapshot of your top 5 earning works based on the quarter(s) you wish to display.


Why are the quarters displayed as current quarter time period instead of SOCAN distribution quarter?

This is a current limitation of the Royalty Guru tool, however, we are working on having this changed so future reports will display quarters as SOCAN distribution quarter rather than current calendar quarter.


Why does the Royalty Dashboard say “Top 5 Revenue Gainers/Downward Trends for the Period” but displays less than 5 works?

Royalty Guru does an analysis of your earning trends, and if there are less than 5 Revenue Gainers/Downward Trends for the quarter(s) you have selected, it will only provide an analysis of those works.


Can I save or export my report or Analysis into a format like Excel?

Currently, you cannot save or export your analysis, but you to have an option to download your Raw Data report(s) into Excel.


When can I run my next quarter’s earnings analysis?

Your earnings in any distribution quarter are available in Royalty Guru on SOCAN’s distribution day.  For example, you can run a royalty analysis of your 3Q15 earnings on SOCAN’s May 13, 2016 distribution day.


How many quarters worth of performances can I run an analysis on in Royalty Guru?

You can go back as far as you’ve received royalties from SOCAN, based on your quarterly online earnings statements.  You can run as many or as few quarters for an analysis that you wish to see.  Please note that if you previously received your SOCAN statements on paper, you cannot run an analysis on those quarters as the data is based on your online statements only.  Also, SOCAN began providing online royalty statements in 3Q01 (the May 15th, 2002 distribution date), so you will not be able to run an analysis on your earnings prior to that date.